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Why do we train in the rain?

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Our sessions take place all year round, whatever the weather. It's so important to embrace situations that suck - like it raining or the cold. Bootcamp is more than just doing press-ups, burpees and running. It's about developing your mindset, that's what makes us at Colchester Bootcamp so special and different from the rest. 🤩

We embrace the difficult situations, we embrace the cold, we embrace the heat, we embrace the rain - we don't let external factors affect our goals. Because we know those things that challenge us make us into a better person, helping you develop resilience & confidence. 🌟

So remember don't let external factors affect your goals as you will develop a better, tougher mindset and you will become a more resilient, rounded person. 💪

That's what makes us so special, so next time it's raining put your nice warm gloves on, put your trainers on and get out the door - we'll provide the rest! 💙


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