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Easy Ways to Stay Motivated!

So, you’re struggling to get motivated? Feeling tired and lacking energy on a Monday? 🌟

The easiest and sure-fire way is to be accountable to someone/others!

Find people with the same goals as you and organise and kick each other’s bum to get to training.Try’s these:

🔹Set up a private group chat with your friends and other members 🔹Commit to your set training days and Book your sessions a few days in advance! 🔹Send each other weekly progress pictures and measurements (Sunday) 🔹Celebrate each other’s win and help others who are struggling

We all hate letting other people down and we’re definitely not motivated all the time (including me) but having this system in place will force you to continue doing what needs to be done 💪🏼

Try it out for yourself and never miss a training session again because you ‘didn’t feel like’ Plus it’s always much more fun training with your friends ☺️

Happy Monday from all us at Colchester Bootcamp! X

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