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Well, I think we all saw the forecast last night, saw that snow, and thought "Nahhhh - Won't settle, it never does, probably won't even snow!"

Well, CLEARLY we were all wrong and the forecast was right. But as we all woke up on this December morning to the snow falling, it certainly doesn't stop us. The 6AM crew enjoyed pretty much a full-on blizzard before it began to settle, but as it did settle it meant our members on the 0930 session could enjoy snowman building, snowman fights, and of course all usual Bootcamp fun!

Varied sessions in all weathers are what makes Bootcamp so special - just because its cold doesn't mean you need to cancel, they can often be the best sessions! Just make sure to layer up, lace up those trainers, and get out the door!

A huge well done to everyone who turned up this morning - you all smashed it!

If you're crazy enough to turn up, we're crazy enough to train you. 💪 ・Leading outdoor Fitness

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