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We are excited to introduce our brand new workout points to keep you all active and motivated throughout lockdown! We all know the Huge mental and physical benefits exercising has, so as well as joining us online you can head to our workout points at Abbey Fields where we run our sessions.

Whilst we can’t all exercise together due to current national restrictions, we thought of the next best thing to keep everyone motivated, as we all know the important benefits exercise has on our mental and physical health.

Once you complete a workout take a selfie with the sign and tag us on social media. You can complete these with a friend, please remember to follow all social distancing and current national restrictions in place.

So grab a friend and challenge them at one of our workout points - there’s 7 in total and will be frequently changed to keep you all engaged!

They are for everyone to use and benefit from!


| Leading outdoor fitness ▪︎

Whilst using the points please follow all social distancing and only exercise with one person from another household to keep to national restrictions.

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