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Our Community Litter Picks 🌏

One of our main bootcamp ethos' is to give back to the local community and one way we do this is with frequent litter picks at Abbey Field. As we use the field quite a bit its nice to do our bit in keeping it clean.

Each month we try to hold at least one litter pick around Abbey Field after the Saturday morning session with some of our members and collect as much as we can. An hour litter pick is a great way to get some exercise in and enjoy some fresh air - but of course it's also quite rewarding.

Keep Britain Tidy’s research has shown that people tend to litter more when there is litter already there, that the presence of litter almost gives people permission to drop more litter - so hopefully by us holding frequent litter picks it encourages less people to litter, use a bin or take their rubbish home with them.

With the litter picks there is also the huge social benefit of getting together with our members, after an hours hard work, you've not only litter picked but maybe caught up with a few member who you haven't seen in a while or never get the chance to have a chat!

We hope to see you at our next litter pick in the new year so you can help us give back to the community and look after the field we all love and use so much!

Although it may seem like a never-ending task - Together we can all make a difference. 🌟 • Leading Outdoor Fitness

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