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BRAND NEW Session times - Autumn 2020

We've got some exciting new changes to our session timetable, meaning you'll now get 2 lunchtime sessions, 3 Core & Stretch sessions and a Weekly Social Run! We've also re-arranged some sessions to improve the overall flow of the timetable. Everything you need to know is below.

Here's whats included in the session timetable from Monday:

17 Weekly Bootcamp Sessions -

These are our 'Standard' Bootcamp sessions a week - all year round in all weathers! Our fun, high energy, fat-burning sessions are designed to push you physically and mentally.

  • No changes to any 0600 session

  • 0930 Changes - Tues Moved to Monday and the Thursday Session is moved to Wednesday.

  • BRAND NEW 1230 - Every Tues & Thursday.

  • No Changes to any 1830 Session

  • Extra 1930 Session on a Friday.

  • 1930 Sessions on Tues & Thurs Replaced with core and stretch.

  • No Changes to 0800 Sat

3 Weekly Core & Stretch Sessions -

We've introduced 3 weekly core & stretch sessions into our timetable. Relaxed Sessions designed to help muscle recovery, as a flexible muscle is a strong muscle.

Core and Stretch sessions run every Tues & Thurs at 1930 - replacing the “Standard” bootcamp session.

  • BRAND NEW Saturday 0900 Core & Stretch.

1 Weekly Sunday Social Run!

A recent addition to our timetable is our Weekly social runs every Sunday. Each week there will be a 5K route and a 10K route suitable for everyone! The perfect way to spend your Sunday morning - running with friends!

  • BRAND NEW Sun 0830

Monthly Socials

Of course we also run frequent monthly social events when restrictions allow us too. We truly believe the social side in Bootcamp is just as important as the fitness side. With our private member facebook group and frequent socials every month, its the perfect way to make new friends, get fit, and have fun!

Coronavirus Update.

Although there’s be an increase in cases across the UK it is mainly isolated to larger cities and areas up north. Following local guidance there have been no changes to our sessions in regards to systems in place and session capacity. Please remember social distancing and hand sanitising throughout the session.

Bookings NEED to be made to attend any of the above including the social runs. You can now book for the new sessions. On the Website they appear as different services to book are here: On the app book via the Session timetable menu and all the sessions including Social Runs will be there!

To view the full timetable please check out our website for the daily session schedule:

If you've got a question for me, about booking, changes to the timetable or anything else please send them my way via email! I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 

Please note the old booking site is no longer active it’s all been integrated into the main website - no changes have been made to the booking process on the app. 

Big love to all of you who make bootcamp what it is today! We hope you like the new changes, and they improve the overall bootcamp experience. 

See you all at a session soon,

Liam 💙 

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