Our Members of the Month 2020



Emma Warren

Throughout January Emma stood out as one of the most consistent members. She attends lots of the sessions, socials and was a great help at Pukka Races at the Start of the Month. She continues to support the group by frequently posting on the group and encouraging others.  

Well done Emma from all of us!



Zbyszek Prazmoo

Zybszek is one of our Newer members who’s been mega consistent throughout February, stood out as being always hard working, brings great positive energy and never moans! A solid asset to our Bootcamp family! 

Well done Zybszek from all of us! 

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Megan Ellison

We can only go by 2 weeks of full sessions in March but this lady has shown incredible encouragement to other members and never fails to brighten the mood at sessions with her banter 

Well deserved Megan! 


Lee & Maria


Colchester Bootcamp’s (Online) power couple!  Always bringing the bants with our online sessions and being super consistent, commenting and engaging with other members

Super stars! 

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Charlotte Willliams

Charlotte continues to attend our regular sessions online during this pandemic motivating others and being consistent with her training while still baking and eating cakes  

A big inspiration for our other members. Well deserved, we’re all very proud of you!


Laura Churchill


Laura is one of our newest members, yet has embraced our Bootcamp culture from the moment we went online to the real deal! She gets stuck in, is supportive to other members and has helped organise social meet ups. Laura you have been incredible this month! 

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Laura Sykes

Laura is one of our newer members and has taken to Bootcamp like duck to water. From hating running to actually running on her own. Despite the moaning she gets it done, is valued member of the team and a great motivator to all! Hardest drinker in the room. Well Done Laura (GB)

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Robert Elliot

The glue that keeps Colchester Bootcamp together, one of our long standing members, never moans, works hard, motivates and pushes the group to be better, and even helps organise our weekly social runs!

A solid addition to our GB family and it just wouldn’t be the same without him. YEAHH BUDDY! LIGHT WEIGHT!


Victoria Cooke


Officially the best Rocky Road maker, one of our first members, and a long time coming of this award! The queen of back to back sessions, the best supporter and encouragement any group could ask for. Your fitness levels and strength has come leaps and bounds and regardless of how cold you get (which is always ;)) you always give 100 and 10% every session!



Susannah Calder

Suzy - the one and only. 

Most deserving of this award, the one person to guarantee to bring a smile to your face rain or shine. Officially has the title of our most chattiest member, will do what she likes when she likes but we wouldn’t want you any other way!! Thank you for being a valued part of our Bootcamp family.

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 Stephanie Bennell

During our second lockdown Steph has been amazing at keeping the other members engaged, motivated and leading from the front with all challenges set. Even going out of her way to meet up and train with others and always bringing a positive energy and smile to every session

We’re very lucky to have you!