Updated March 2021

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The safety of our members, and instructors are always the number one priority whilst at Bootcamp. We can't thank you enough for your support during this time. All of our Guidelines in place are to ensure compliance with the COVID-Secure Guidance and the latest UK Government Advice. Keeping Bootcamp a Covid-Secure environment means we can have groups over the rule of six.

Guidelines in place for every session:

> The current maximum session size is 29.

> Book online to attend, helping us manage numbers and comply with Test and Trace

Keep all personal belongings left in the van minimal. The Key pot will still be available but jumpers and bags should be left in your car or at your workstation. 

> Please remember to keep a social distance between members and keep any close contact minimal.

You will need to sanitise your hands beforehand and afterward we will provide this.

> During the session avoid touching your face, especially after using the equipment. 

Our equipment will be cleaned frequently before and after each session.

> Please only attend if you are completely symptom-free. 

Extra guidelines in place for sessions with shared equipment:

> During the session the instructor will tell you when you will be using shared equipment (eg. equipment used for Gun Runs) 

> Before and after using any shared equipment you must sanitise your hands. 

 If you are wearing gloves whilst using the shared equipment please avoid touching your face.

> Please remember to keep a social distance between members and keep any close contact minimal.

Guidelines in Place for Social runs:

> You MUST book online to attend the run.

> Sanitiser will not be provided, but we recommended carrying your own. 

 We are allowed to run in groups larger than six but please keep a responsible distance between other runners and members of the public.

> Please Remember to keep a social distance between members and keep any close contact minimal before and after minimal.

Thanks for your continued support and understanding; 

GB Bootcamp 

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If you feel unwell do not attend