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Are you a working parent with a hectic lifestyle? An early commuter? Do you work full time and struggle to find the time to exercise? With 16 sessions running every week, there is sure to be a time to suit your lifestyle. We run very early mornings, late mornings and evenings – there is something for everyone!


What can I expect when I first turn up?

I understand turning up to your first outdoor Bootcamp session can be quite daunting to start off with, however you’ll be warmly greeted by myself and my instructors, and we will introduce you to some of our members before starting. You’ll be required to fill out a paper Par-Q form before the session, so attending 10-15 minutes before hand is ideal. During this you’ll be asked what you’re expecting to achieve from Bootcamp, what your fitness goals are and if you have any injuries we should be made aware of. We always start our sessions with a group run in order to warm up. This is at your own pace – it really doesn’t matter if you’re the fastest or the slowest as we never leave anyone behind!

Do you have a minimum age for membership?

Yes, members must be at least 18 years old. We do allow 16 and above only when accompanied by and adult.

What if I can’t keep up the regular members?

Bootcamp isn’t about competing with others but working at your own best effort. No one is ever felt to be behind as all sessions are scaled to your own abilities. For example, the fitter members will be given more reps or a heavier weight while you might be given less reps and a lighter weight. It’s important to remember that it’s our ethos as a company to never leave anyone behind!

Do you train all year round?

Yes! We run every week of the year which separates us from most other bootcamps who run short courses. We believe in a lifestyle change and because of that, we adapt to all weather conditions so please dress appropriately.

What if I’m not able to do a certain exercise?

If you are not able to do a certain exercise due to an injury or ability, you’ll be given a different exercise. We try our best to accommodate everyone and with our personal training experience, we can give you the next best effective exercise.

I’m injured - can I still join in?

This is completely dependent on the injury. If you're unable to run (even slowly), unfortunately you’ll be unable to attend as sessions are designed to move and use your full body without causing further injury. If it’s an upper body injury, you still maybe able to attend on the discretion of the trainer. Please contact us directly to discuss.

I’ve signed up to the direct debit membership, can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely! There’s no contract when signing up - it’s rolls month to month. To cancel your membership, just cancel through your bank or contact us directly.

I’m thinking about joining - what do I need to do bring along?

Please dress appropriately for the weather conditions. We work mainly on grass so trail trainers are ideal but if not available, normal trainers will do. - Water / wind proof jacket - Hat & water proof gloves - Water bottle - Towel if required - Bin bag for the car for after the wet and rainy sessions - Energy, a positive mindset and lots of motivation - we’ll provide the rest!

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Why not try it for a week, no strings attached, and see for yourself? With 16 sessions running every week, there is sure to be a time to suit your lifestyle. We run very early mornings, late mornings and evenings – there is something for everyone!

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Join our community and become a member today! Sign up for one of our membership packages and take your health and fitness to the next level. We have a range of memberships available to suit all. We hope you find something which works for you!